Cayos Cochinos : Top Tourist Attraction in Honduras

The Cayos Cochinos are a gathering of little islands called Cayo Menor and Cayo Grande and over twelve little coral cays arranged around twenty miles from the northern bank of Honduras. In spite of the fact that Cayos Cochinos are topographically independent islands, regardless they have a place with the Bay Islands and are a piece of the region of Roatan. They are still to a great extent uninhabited, with a little more than a hundred people living on the Cayos.

There are bunches of little islands incorporated into Cayos Cochinos, however, when individuals talk about the Cayos they normally allude to the Cayo Menor and Cayo Grande. Both of these Cayos are announced natural marine save, on account of the one of a kind eco-condition. Indeed, even today, getting to Cayo Menor is allowed for researchers and individuals that work for the Honduras Coral Reef Fund. Cayo Grande is where voyagers can go, however, it tends to be arrived at just by pontoon. There is additionally an extra charge charged for those that desire to visit Cayo Grande, and there are watch officers that always review the zone to guarantee that guidelines are pursued and to shield these special islands from harm.

There are two or three occupied towns situated on Cayos Cochinos. One is known as the East End and the other one is Chachahuate. East End is a town of the neighborhood Garifuna individuals, while Chachahuate is cruder, yet a pleasant network whose occupants originate from Nueva Armenia, Jutiapa.

Cayos Cochinos are altogether overseen by the Honduras Coral Reef Fund and are perceived as the marine ensured zone. The coral reef found here is the piece of the second greatest coral reef on the planet – Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. On Cayo Menor, there is additionally a little logical research focus.


The archipelago of Cayos Cochinos is an interesting goal for those voyagers that need to escape from swarmed and uproarious retreats. There are no streets on Cayos Cochinos, which means there are no vehicles or bicycles. Just pontoons fill in as a route for transport. In any case, there is one decent climbing trail that interfaces the seashores and living arrangements situated on Cayo Grande. At the most elevated pinnacle of Cayo Grande, there is a beacon that can be gotten to by strolling through a picturesque woods. Other than two angling towns of Chachahuate and East End, at Cayos Cochinos there are around ten private habitations and about six homes spread on the thirteen littler keys. The islands can be gotten to by vessels originating from La Ceiba, or by sanction pontoons that go from Roatan or Utila.

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Cayos Cochinos is one of the most significant pieces of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System, and its condition and waters have been secured as a biological marine hold since 1994. There is exceptionally rich vegetation and marine life that spread a zone of right around 500 square kilometers. Business angling, just as fish catching, is taboo inside the marine park. In any case, neighborhood Garifuna occupants have consented to angle just with hand lines. In some exceptionally assigned regions qualified nearby Garifuna anglers can likewise get lobsters.

Courtesy: Jonathan Schacher, Owner of INPLAZA