Truest Gifts Through Gift Cards for You

Consumer surveys regularly demonstrate that gift cards are popular when it comes to determining the present that will be offered to loved ones during the holiday season.

Reputed by some, who consider that this choice illustrates a sorry lack of imagination, but widely adopted by others who wish to give free rein to the desires of the eventual recipient, the gift cards are well in the customs.

The range of goods and services that can be offered through Visa Gift Card BalanceĀ is extensive and the rules of the game stipulated in the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) set clear guidelines for the benefit of all. Here, in bursts and form question-answer, the main elements of questioning raised by the consumers.

What makes a gift certificate, a gift certificate and a gift card different?

According to the Consumer Protection Act, these are all prepaid cards. They are subject to precise rules as to their terms of use and traders can not derogate from them.

What are the rules that apply to these prepaid cards?

Among other things, and with some exceptions, prepaid cards can not include an expiration date or user fees. In addition, when the balance on the card is $ 5 or less, the retailer must refund this amount if you request it. The merchant must also inform you of the conditions of use. For example, he must make you aware of the restrictions as to where these cards may be used.

Some prepaid cards may have an expiration date, which ones?

Cards that qualify for mobile phone services and cards that allow unlimited use of a service may have an expiration date.

Do cards that qualify for long distance calls have the same rules as cards that qualify for mobile phone service?

No. Among other things, long distance cards do not have an expiry date and the merchant must reimburse you when the balance is $ 5 or less and if you ask for it.

Two card models only may have fees, which ones?

Prepaid cards that can be used at multiple merchants and are associated with a location such as a shopping center or region may have limited fees for either activation or non-use. For cards issued by a financial institution and that can be used at retailers who accept a payment network mentioned on the card, such as Visa, MasterCard or Amex, they may include various fees provided by the merchant.

What happens when a prepaid card entitles you to a service that has increased in price between the time of purchase and when you want to use it?

Truest Gifts Through Gift Cards for You

Take, for example, a card that entitles you to a massage in a spa. The massage was worth $ 80 at the time of purchase in November 2018 and, six months later, it costs $ 95 when you present to use it. To be eligible for the massage, you will have to pay the difference of $ 15, provided, however, that the merchant has planned and mentioned, on the card, the possibility of an increase. The LPC protects the value of the money you paid in advance to the merchant, but does not protect you against the increase in the price of goods and services that may occur over time.