Why Use A Water Filter In ACompany?

The use of commercial or industrial filters brings much health to customers, employees, and extends equipment life, reducing costs. Water filters can be used for several applications, as pure water is used for many needs.

Benefits OfBusiness Water Filters:

  • Retains suspended solid particles such as sand and clay
  • Reduces water turbidity by maintaining slime, sand grains, and plumbing waste
  • Retains suspended organic substances (bacteria, dead algae, sludge)
  • Prevents the build-up of dirt in the water tank, reducing the need for maintenance and cleaning
  • High efficiency in particle retention of 5 to 15 microns;
  • Increases the life of all machines that use water to operate.

See below some of the possible applications.

Industrial Restaurants AndKitchens

In food, clean water without contamination is essential. For the health of customers, those who work in the establishment, the image of the restaurant (ruling out problems with food poisoning), and much more, positively impact the taste of dishes and drinks. Teas, juices, and even ice made from filtered water make all the difference in flavor.

In addition to the company’s health, taste, and compliance benefits, the water filter provides clean water that prevents damage to kitchen equipment.


No one needs more quality water than sick people. A hospital has needs such as Hemodialysis, where a filter can be used to pre-clean water to increase process quality and improve equipment life, reducing costs and maintenance.


Hard water filter can provide clean water for hotel cleaning and cleaning of clothes, towels, trousseau, kitchen towels, cutlery, crockery, and utensils in general.

The application of industrial filters allows all water entering the Hotel to be previously filtered. Thus, all equipment that uses water, including the water tank, requires much less maintenance and cleaning, with longer service life, water quality and direct savings on Hotel resources.

Water Filter In ACompany


The benefits of clean water in all taps in the house (bathing, brushing teeth, and washing food in clean water) for all residents, plus the advantages of the same freshwater for everyone’s equipment. This ensures that all washing machines and so on are protected from scale impurities.

Another possible and highly recommended use for condominiums is the rainwater catchment reservoir. Filtered water saves resources as they are used in many condominium processes such as bathrooms and cleaning common areas.


Industrial filters have many forms of use because, water is a crucial component in transportation, temperature, food quality, contamination prevention, and cleaning.

They are generally applied to:

  • Cooling Tower Water Filtration, reducing recapture and maintenance costs
  • Pretreatment for reverse osmosis systems
  • Water treatment plants
  • Industries that need to remove chlorine by supplementing the filter material with charcoal
  • Custom manganese and iron removal systems
  • Use of clean water to prevent stains on sanitary ware and washing clothes
  • Sewage and effluent treatment

In addition to the apparent use of clean water, industrial filters complement many processes, such as rainwater reuse and can be applied to a wide range of businesses.

Springwell makes a diagnosis of the company’s facilities and production, identifying points of loss and efficiency, to recommend a complete water treatment and cost reduction plan in the industry. For this, it also works in the production of Drinking Water or Industrial Water Stations tailored to the needs of your company.